Quest for $ 270.000
Guide for Mismatch

Guide for Mismatch

Message form and instructions for the quest


There are 3 “Quests Mismatch” quests in the collection, which are placed on certain heads and are located on the entire collection of 10k NFT ” PiggyBoss CNFT Sv1 (2k NFT) and PiggyBoss CNFT Sv2 (8k NFT).”
Your task is to find the one nft that does not match the others the same , as well as fulfill the conditions of the quest – everyone has their own . There is only one difference and it is not easy to find it.
At the end of the winners, prizes will be awarded :
The first prize is given to the very first person who correctly guessed the word
The second prize will be given to 500 participant who will send the word
Third prize to the last one who correctly sent the word
The fourth and fifth prizes will be raffled among all those who sent the word

If you can’t find any of the symbols, then you can buy an individual hint a charity shop or invest in a group hint.

Cash prizes will be paid in cryptocurrency Solana
Game prizes are given out in the game in agreement with the winners

A Discord channel is also open for all quests with instructions – It is forbidden to report found symbols in the channels . Anyone who breaks the rules will be excluded.

At the time of sending the word, you must be :
1. Be a member of an official Discord channel
2. Be a Twitter or Instagramm member

Good luck to everyone and we are glad that you are with us

  • Quests : 3
  • Prize fund : $270.000
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