Sale , privileges , gifts and airdrop

    • Starting to open PB ETH Metadate¬†

(First , the PB holders will be opened , then the remaining PB will gradually be opened with a change in value according to their quality and properties ) . This is the best period of revaluation of the value until all PB are open and there is an opportunity to play on their rarity

  • 10 PB Airdrops. After the conditions are met, anyone will be able to choose any PB (it will be possible to choose a closed or open PB)
  • GIFT 30 000 $ Owners of 2 or more NFT PBs will have a chance to win $10,000 (3 winners). The winner will be announced after we sell our 10,000 NFTs!
  • Quest for ETH version is start (Open date)