About PB Collection

About Collection

Limited Collection with collectible NFT


The beginning of our journey

Each piggy boss is unique and programmatically generated from more than 1,092 possible traits (the solana collection is generated from more than 1,145 traits), including facial expressions, hats, clothes, things, backgrounds and more. All piggy boss have different series like the original, giraffe, zombie and others some are less common than others and therefore will be more valuable.

Piggy boss are stored as ERC-721 tokens in the Ethereum blockchain and Solana are placed on IPFS. The cost of Piggy Boss depends on the option of the purchase collection (promotions, presale, whitelist)
To gain access to owner-only areas, you need to purchase Piggy Boss. Privileges see a in motion roadmap

Ethereum Collection

Piggy Boss
Collectible PB

Solana Collection

Piggy Boss
Collectible PB
First version
Roadmap PB


As we move, we will provide and open new incentives for owners

The beginning of the story



We are creating a series of piggy boss and 10 collectible ones. We are starting marketing and promotion of the collection . We are launching an auction and a dark sheet for a set of those who want to compete for collectible piggy boss .
  • Creating a website (Done)
  • Generating 10000 Piggy Boss (Done)
  • Instagram page (Done)
  • Opening an auction on the darknet and posting instructions for the auction (Done)

The beginning of the story (Phase 2)


We continue

  • Discord channel open (Done)
  • Contract Deployment (Done) See
  • Mint on Opensea all PB Eth version ( Open date )
  • Charity shop opening (Done)
  • Open Solana mint on site (Only first 2K PB version1)(Done)
  • Start of quests ($1.358.600) / Starting when minted all 2000 and we start v2
  • 5 airdrops on Solana version(Done)


Open Date

Sale , privileges , gifts and airdrop

    • Starting to open PB ETH Metadate 
(First , the PB holders will be opened , then the remaining PB will gradually be opened with a change in value according to their quality and properties ) . This is the best period of revaluation of the value until all PB are open and there is an opportunity to play on their rarity
  • 10 PB Airdrops. After the conditions are met, anyone will be able to choose any PB (it will be possible to choose a closed or open PB)
  • GIFT 30 000 $ Owners of 2 or more NFT PBs will have a chance to win $10,000 (3 winners). The winner will be announced after we sell our 10,000 NFTs!
  • Quest for ETH version is start (Open date)


Start the search and be the first

We start a  Quests for $1.358.600 

    We will post all the quests (Done) Go to
  • Sneakers quests - $96.100
  • Head quests - $280.000
  • "Series" quests - $712.500
  • Quests "Mismatch" - $270.000
    Completing quests and giving out prizes
  • Cash prizes will be paid in cryptocurrency Solana
  • Game prizes are given out in the game in agreement with the winners

Stake and lease

Open Date

Sold 50% PB

  • We are opening a stake of NFT and leasing . The stake will be available in the game based on $Sol token

Stake open

Rent - Owners of collectible PBs will receive a percentage of the work of the market


Open Date

PB world is a gaming metaverse that is currently under development. The game combines the mechanics of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) and virtual worlds. Meta RPG, in which players own the world, get the opportunity to buy, sell, improve and create buildings. Thousands of people can play together in real time.

  • Owners of any PB get free access and a hero
  • Alpha test - Whitelist only
  • Beta test
  • Metaverses is open
  • Sale of NFT metaverses
  • AIRdrops


Starts from $100 million in fees

The implementation of the initiative will allow PB holders to make suggestions for improvement, market, games and vote for various changes. Create new projects together

  • Transfer of control over the Treasury to the community
  • Distribution of funds
  • Support for owners' projects
  • Investment of funds by the decision of the community

Quests is start


The collection contains 44 hidden tasks totaling $1,358,600. Each quest has its own description and search location, but common to all quests is :
1. Find the right number of symbols
2. Unravel the symbol (a hint on how to do this is visible throughout the collection)
3. Make the right combination and get the world (there should be no problems here either)

If you can’t find the symbols you need, you can use an individual or collective hint at the charity shop.

The main thing is attentiveness and ingenuity . Good luck to everyone

It depends on you


We can achieve the goal only together with you

After the fees exceed $100 million, we will open a group in discord to discuss and propose how to distribute funds and create new projects together.

  • Below is a graph of the total treasury .

Charity Shop.The goal is $3 million
Donation. The goal is $2 million
Commission from the sale of NFT. The goal is $10 million
NFT Market (Start according to the roadmap) The goal is $35 million
Game Metaverse (Start according to the roadmap) The goal is $50 million

What does decentralization consist of ?

Donations and charity

NFT Market comission

Gaming Metaverse


Our team

Most likely this is not a complete list and with the promotion of our project we will look for like-minded people