We are creating a series of piggy boss and 10 collectible ones. We are starting marketing and promotion of the collection . We are launching an auction and a dark sheet for a set of those who want to compete for collectible piggy boss .

  1. Creating a website (Done) – The website started its work on 01.05.22
  2. Generating 10000 Piggy Boss (Done) – We have generated 10 thousand piggy boss from more than 1,092 different traits and 13 series , and we have also implemented 10 collectible NFT
  3. Instagram page (Done) – For our users we have opened instagram where we will post news about our project 15.05.22 . Twitter is also open on 17.05.22
  4. Opening an auction on the darknet and posting instructions for the auction (Done) – The instructions are posted on our blog See…